Helping You With Matters Involving Mergers and Acquisitions, New Financings , Restructuring, and Full or Partial Re-Capitalizations


Experienced. Established. Practical. Proven.

Your deal is not just like any other deal.

To some extent, a deal is a deal. You are always going to need to analyze company goals, research the industry, assess operations and finances, develop a credible valuation, market the company in a competitive process, perform due diligence, and negotiate price and terms.

But when it is your deal, you want to know that you have the right team in place and that you are working with people who are experienced, resourceful, trustworthy, and who will always have your goals in mind while driving the process to achieve most value on your terms.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We help clients evaluate, prepare, manage, and complete transactions, such as:

  • Selling a Company, Its Shares, Its Assets or Technologies
  • Acquiring Another Company, Its Shares, Assets, and IP
  • Licensing Technologies and Joint Ventures
  • Divesting Assets
  • Recapitalizations


We can also provide consulting services to:

  • Develop and assist in implementing a longer-term exit strategy
  • Position your company for sale or merger
  • Navigate family and other legacy issues
  • Provide valuations for buy/sell, estate, and similar purposes


Manufacturing, Engineering, Medical technology/life science, Professional Services, Software/Technology, Education/EdTEch, and Consumer Products