Pork, Beef, Bison – and Cookies

The M&A Group, over a period of years, represented NFO (a farmer owned organization) in the restructuring, re-organization, recapitalization, divestiture and sale of multiple non-strategic entities involved in the slaughter of pigs and the further processing of beef and bison. As part of the engagement, the M&A Group provided interim CEO and Board services to the subsidiary entities; thus allowing the parent organization to focus its resources on their core business. In 2014-2015, the M&A Group represented the founder and owner of Northwood Foods, Inc., a large, independent pork boning and fabrication operation. Working closely with the owner, we designed and executed a limited but highly focused process designed to avoid unnecessary exposure within the industry of the process. This low-key and limited process resulted in multiple offers. The owner decided to sell to Spell Capital in a transaction that allowed him to meet his financial and personal goals for an orderly post-transaction exit while continuing to participate meaningfully in the future growth of the company. The owners of Best Maid Cookie Company, having been approached by prospective strategic and PE buyers, retained the M&A Group to conduct a quiet, competitive sales process. This opportunity was only presented to a total of nine (9) qualified buyers, each carefully qualified and approved by the owners. This tightly controlled process brought multiple competitive offers and the transaction was closed with Arbor Investments, a Chicago based PE firm exclusively focused on the food industry in a transaction that allowed the sellers to participate in the future growth of a larger “platform” entity.

Other Transactions