D-Target (Switzerland) sold to Premier Research (UK)

D-Target, a medical device Clinical Research Organization (CRO) was introduced to the M&A Group by one of MA’s earlier clients. Based in Switzerland, D-Target advised clients on worldwide regulatory matters and managed human clinical trials for medical device manufacturers in Europe and the US. At the time, D-Target had been approached by multiple strategic buyers. After it became clear that these “buyers” would not advance their Letters of Intent, D-Target retained the M&A Group to find a qualified buyer through a full, competitive process. A new and complete information memorandum was prepared and together with the owner, we developed a schedule of prospective buyers, in Europe and in the US. The competitive process, managed by Ivar Sorensen, was launched after 90 days and resulted in five (5) competitive offers from qualified strategic buyers in Europe and the US. The transaction was closed within 3 months from “going to market” and 6 months from the re-start.Subsequently, Ivar was retained by the former owner of D-Target to support the establishment, early development and commercialization of two new businesses, both providing valuable services to the medical device industry world-wide.Also in the CRO space, Ivar Sorensen worked intensively with the owner of MediTech Strategic Consultants BV (located in the Netherlands) to prepare the owner and the company a sale of the business. Following a competitive auction process conducted in the US and in Europe, MediTech was sold to Medpace CRO, a strategic buyer and a portfolio company of CCMP Capital. Over many years, we have supported a number of other CRO’s in advisory and transactional processes - in the US and in Europe.

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